Our Trainers


Obedience, Handling and agility instructors

Wendy Petkau, Owner/Operator of Auburnmist Training Centre



Jamie Stiven, instructor

It all began with Jamie getting her first dog, an Australian Shepherd named Buck, nearly 25 years ago. At a young age, Jamie started training Buck in obedience and competing in agility. She was one of the youngest agility competitors in Calgary at the time and had several articles written about her by the judges. Jamie and Buck qualified to compete at the national agility competition in California when she was only 16 years old. The duo moved on to train in flyball and Frisbee – and starred in several parades and appeared on numerous TV morning news shows, and in Buck’s later years he appeared in a movie. She now has two Miniature Australian Shepherds, Rev and Luna.



Paula Stiven, Trainer & Instructor

Paula has spent more than 40 years dedicating her life to working, teaching, training, and competing in the dog industry. For Paula, it all started with the obedience training of the family lab named Shamus in the early 1970s. Over the years she has taught and competed in agility, in flyball, and Frisbee. Paula has also had one of her Australian Shepherds star in a TV commercial. She actively trains fogs for TV and movies, and has worked on many sets.

Although Paula now owns Miniature Australian Shepherds, she has owned and trained several breeds over the years, including: Labradors, West Highland White Terriers, Collies, and German Shepherd Dogs.


Past trainer: Corrie Horne

Corrie was the exlusive obedience instructor for puppy and adult obedience classes at the Auburnmist Training Centre for the past 13 years, until her recent retirement in mid-2015 to spend more time with her own dogs. Corrie worked with hundreds of clients over the years, rehabilitating many dogs with aggression and reactivity issues, and helping many puppies and their families get started off on the right paw and foot. Corrie continues to train and compete with her dogs in obedience, rally obedience, conformation, agility and tracking. She is also enjoying her retirement with her dogs, spending much of her spare time hiking in the mountains with her trusty Goldens at her side.